For those with horizons abroad, Honan’s employee benefits solutions are globally optimised and ready to support your international workforce. Through our extensive global risk advisory, technology and benefits networks, we’re armed with the resources and expertise to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities all over the world. 

Insurance solutions beyond the horizon

Certain industries are driven by competitiveness of the sector to offer high-end benefits to their staff to cover high limits for Inpatient, Outpatient Clinical, Specialist and Alternative Treatments, Maternity, Wellness, Dental and Vision.

With global coordination across your offices worldwide, you’ll not only have the power to build a market-leading employee benefits program to support your goals, attract and retain top talent, but enjoy outstanding service along the way

Our Approach

Enhanced Coordination

Global coordination across your offices worldwide. With the convenience of working with a centralised team, your head office and business leaders will have clear oversight of your Employee Benefits program.

Centralised Management

We’ll support you with the global and local expertise to navigate vast regulatory, cultural and economic frameworks. We’re deeply connected to our fellow worldwide partners, local insurers and supporting services.

Consistent service excellence

Going beyond what’s expected, we pride ourselves on creating a culture of care in everything we do to ensure you enjoy consistent industry-leading service in your locations. Honan are with you all the way.

Minimal Admin Congestion

As our Employee Benefits coordinator, we remove the administration burden, including time zone and language barriers, allowing you and your people to focus on what you do best.

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