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Our in-house claims department, comprised of legally qualified and highly experienced claims professionals, will provide you an advantage when a claim arises. We advocate for you and your position all the way.

We advocate for you

  • We act as your representative, and work with you to get the best possible outcome from the policy.
  • We are passionate about ensuring a fair and reasonable outcome.
  • We apply our knowledge of relevant legislation, guidelines, regulations, and internal policy and procedures through the claims lifecycle.
  • From time to time we may act under a binder or agency agreement when we provide claim services. In this case, we will not act as your representative but acting as the agent for the insurer. We will tell you when we are not acting as your representative.

We keep you informed

  • We will meet with you to discuss any difficult claims.
  • We train you in key areas of each policy and how it functions.
  • We provide coverage evaluations, research the relevant information, and keep you updated.

We guide you through the process

  • We are responsible for ensuring the claims process runs efficiently and smoothly.
  • We discuss the strategy with you and/or solicitors.
  • We are transparent about relevant information required to support the claims strategy.

We draw on our strong knowledge

  • We pride ourselves on the tenacity and technical knowledge of our claims team.
  • We leverage our team’s experience working for insurance companies as underwriters, brokers and in the legal industry.
  • We collaborate with the right people in our business, drawing on key strengths as needed.

Claims Checklist

Contact Honan Insurance Group citing the date, time, cause and location of the loss.

Take photos of damages.

Obtain identification of all civil authorities involved such as fire, police, health department, building inspector, etc.

Keep damaged items safely for assessment.

Arrange for quotes.

Retain all invoices, time sheets etc, to ensure all costs are captured and attributable to the loss and to prevent an overlapping of normal costs with these expenditures.

Submit a Claim

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Reinsurance claims:

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