Our business is different in all the right ways. We strive to add more, do more and create a genuine difference for our clients.

With you all the way

As an Australian insurance broker operating since 1964, we know exactly what it takes to achieve growth and stability. We understand the leap from desire to fulfilment. And we understand the risks involved.

Australian Founded Industry Leader

Founded in Melbourne in 1964, we understand the local market and how to best navigate it.

Specialist Knowledge

One of our key differentiators is our ability to manage and place unique and complex risk profiles.

Full Integrated Solutions

Holistic risk and insurance solutions, from program placement and claims management to risk consulting, we offer a seamless experience.

Regional Solutions

We understand how to support global growth, we have offices across Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

Global Reach and Insights

Honan is proud to be the Asia Pacific member of the Worldwide Broker Network.

Claims Solutions

In-house claims experts, lead by industry and legal experts, know how facilities management and services policies and coverages will respond.

Honan has grown consistently for over 55 years.


Offices Worldwide





Insurance. Advice. Support.

Advice when you need it. Insurance solutions tailored to your business. Support no matter what. When you think insurance, you might not think passion, but for us, it has fuelled our consistent growth for over 55 years. Providing you with robust risk benefits is a privilege of our work.

Core Services

With You All The Way.

Helping you to realise your growth strategies and limitless potential is the reason we exist.

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