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When starting a business there are a variety of risks to be aware of, across areas including the management team, technology, finance and operations. Embracing greater levels of risk in a sustainable and managed way is a crucial element to achieving the long-term vision and aspirations for a start up business. With a trusted and experienced team, we understand these complexities and have the expertise you need to help protect your business and allow it to reach its full potential.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Our dedicated team is passionate about supporting start ups and the ecosystems that support them. We believe that without risk there can be no progress. Drawing on our extensive industry knowledge, we work with you to create tailored solutions with your required mix of insurance products to help protect your business from day one.

Types of coverage you should consider:

IT Liability

Cyber Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability

Professional Indemnity

Public Liability

Technology Property

Specialist service,
delivering more.

Creating a genuine difference for our clients

Our dedicated, highly qualified advisors take the time to truly understand your business, to regularly review its evolving needs, and provide you with purpose-built solutions. Every client knows they matter.

Specialist Knowledge, data-driven decisions

We’re known for our placement of unique risk profiles and drawing on data to make timely, informed decisions. With 400+ team members and over 55 years experience, we offer holistic risk and insurance solutions, from program placement and claims management to risk consulting.

Global Reach & Insights

Our global reach underpins our ability to help clients navigate the challenges and opportunities of a global market, while providing market-leading local expertise.

Claim Solutions

With our in-house claims divisions led by industry and legal experts, we know how facilities management, services policies and coverages will respond, providing you an advantage when a claim arises. We advocate for you and your position all the way.
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Helping you to realise your growth strategies and limitless potential is the reason we exist.

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