Friday, August 26, 2022

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Honing in on our teams: Employee Benefits Asia - Zest Operations

We specialise in managing Flexible Benefits programs for clients in Singapore and Malaysia via the Zest platform. Zest is an online one-stop shop for everything employee benefits, insurance, flexible spending, engagement, and wellness.

Self-funded flexible benefits programs, whilst popular with employers in Asia, are one of the most complex employee benefits offerings to implement and manage. Our team provides end-to-end operational support for these programs by:

  • Advising multinational companies on best practices for administering flexible benefits programs.
  • Rolling out robust but detailed implementation timelines for Zest – making it a seamless experience for employers and employees alike.
  • Providing ongoing benefits administration services including benefits selections, claims adjudication, and reporting.
  • Maintaining our helpdesk service by providing responsive assistance to our clients.

We truly value each of our clients and our long-term clients’ loyalty is priceless. We will always do our best to ensure our services are tip-top and our clients continue to stay happy.

  • The successful renewal of our largest Employee Benefits account for Asia.
  • Onboarding brand new clients into the Zest platform and seeing them embrace the benefits it offers.
  • Welcoming new team members into an expanded and restructured team.

To ensure continuous support to our clients, we have established backup assistance for each client in the event their designated benefits administrator is absent. This helps us to maintain a culture of teamwork and knowledge sharing. We also provide support to the other Honan teams within Asia, particularly for new business pitches. In the event of a situation arising such as a client complaint, we will conduct a detailed investigation and then as a team, huddle together to help the Account Manager provide suggested responses and resolutions.

Mark Zuckerberg. Although his popularity has declined in recent years, we recognise his brilliance in founding Facebook at such a young age. He revolutionised communications and enabled millions of people around the world to connect through social media in the early days. We would love a genius like him on our team.

We joined hands with other Honan departments in Malaysia to help the victims of the floods in January this year. Following the worst flood disaster in four decades, our Malaysian team raised funds and provided food donations, household, and electrical items to more than 67 disadvantaged families.

  • Enjoy views of the beautiful KL skyline and the famous Petronas Twin Towers whilst dining at Envi Skydining at Menara TA.
  • Try a Ramly burger, an iconic Malaysian street food. Ramly burger roadside stalls are everywhere throughout KL. This is not your average burger; it comes with a delicious Malaysian twist!
  • Don’t miss the canopy walk at KL’s Eco Forest. Located in the city centre within the Bukit Nenas Forest Reserve, this is one of the last precious green lungs in KL.
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